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Good Morning, !

Today is Friday, February 22
Time to wear a bit of red to show your support for the troops!

Today's Bonehead Award: 
'Come on  I Got Something for You!' 
Then 911 Op. Hears the Shots Start

Today, February 22 in
1630 Quadequine introduced popcorn to English colonists at their
first Thanksgiving dinner. Quadequine made Popcorn without a
More of today in history at History
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The cat could very well be man's best friend but would never stoop to admitting it. --- Doug Larson "They've just released a study that says in the next 30 years, there is a 97 percent chance that Southern California will have an earthquake of magnitude 6.7 or greater. And there's a 40 percent chance of either being run over or attacked by Britney Spears. Things are pretty bleak." --- Jimmy Kimmel ________________________________________________ If you like the Humor Letter, please vote! ______________________________________________________ A nurse noticed a man in golf attire pacing up and down out- side the operating room where another golfer who had a golf ball driven down his throat was being treated. "Is he a relative of your's?" the nurse asked the pacing golfer. "No...It's my ball." _____________________________________________________ Malwarebytes for Home | Anti-Malware Premium | Free Trial Download ______________________________________________________ After discovering her young daughter playing doctor with the neighbor's boy, the angry mother grabbed the boy by the ear and dragged him to his house and confronted his mother. "It's only natural for young boys and girls to explore their sexuality by playing doctor at their age," the neighbor said. "Sexuality?!" the mother yelled. "He took out her appendix!" ______________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________
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___________________________________________________ An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD has been earned by Hans Edward Rogers, 20, Jackson County, Georgia 79-Year-Old to Intruder: 'Come on I Got Something for You!' Then 911 Op. Hears the Shots Start This is what self-defense is all about. A brave 79-year-old woman defended herself from a 20-year-old home intruder earlier this month by firing two warning shots and fending him off until the police showed up, according to news reports. Hans Edward Rogers, the alleged intruder, was driving his mother's car in Jackson County, Georgia, when he "ran out of gas" on Feb. 12, according to KDVR-TV. It did not occur to him to politely knock and ask to phone his mother or a friend. He went straight to home invasion mode. Rogers was parked near the woman's house and invited himself into her home, the station reported. At first, the frightened woman thought there were two intruders, WXIA-TV reported. As the burglar tried to enter her home, the woman hid in the kitchen. I'm in the kitchen, she told the 911 dispatcher. I'm watching the door that they were trying to get in. Ooh, they're breaking glass. But the brave woman wasn't going to let the intruder break into her house without defending herself. OK, come on! I got something for you! the woman shouted before a gunshot was heard on the 911 call. The shot managed to get the intruder away from the door, but he was determined to get inside, WXIA reported. The man tried to enter the home through an upstairs entrance, according to the station. I'm waiting on you, come on! the woman shouted from downstairs. When you come down those stairs I'm gonna blow your damn brains out! The woman could be heard firing another shot toward the second floor. Ma'am, are you shootin' at him again? the 911 dispatcher asked. Yes, ma'am. The woman's daughter told WXIA that her mother said she was only shooting in the man's direction, not actually trying to hit him. He made the comment to my mother, you know, 'B****, you're trying to kill me,' because, you know, she was shooting at him, the daughter told the station. The elderly woman successfully fended off the intruder by herself Rogers cowered in a closet until police finally showed up and arrested him, according to WXIA. Thankfully, the woman was armed, because there's no telling what might have happened otherwise. The woman's daughter told WXIA that she was told by law enforcement that Rogers had medical issues and hadn't taken his prescription medication that day. He is being charged with felony first degree burglary, felony home invasion and misdemeanor criminal trespass, according to WXIA. In total, the woman was on the phone with the 911 dispatcher for 10 minutes. Throughout the call, she pleaded the police to arrive faster. I'm just scared, Ma'am Please hurry. Please hurry, she pleaded with the dispatcher. Please, please dear God. Lord have mercy please That's why the Second Amendment is important. It's impossible for the police to arrive fast enough to defend you from someone who can easily overpower you. This brave woman proved, like many others, that guns level the playing field.
>From Richi Re: Clicking on links does not work Dear DearWebby, I have a problem with clicking on any links,when i try to click on them nothing happens and i have to another route to open up the link,this just started happening not long ago, last week it was just fine,where i could click on them and they would open up without any trouble... is there a way i could fix that problen? tyvm for all your help .your newsletter is the best Richi Dear Richi Best I could find on the net was this: =============== Most likely a browser hijacker, you will need to go to settings and extensions and look for unwanted extensions in chrome. Should also do a scan with malwarebytes. Worst case scenario, do a full uninstall of google chrome and reinstall it. ================ Spyware-search&Destroy also gets rid of hijackers. Have Fun! DearWebby
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The story is told of a man who got a permit to open the first tavern in a small town. The members of a local church were strongly opposed to the bar, so they began to pray that God would intervene. A few days before the tavern was scheduled to open, lightning hit the structure and it burned to the ground. The people of the church were surprised but pleased - until they received notice that the would-be tavern owner was suing them. He contended that their prayers were responsible for the burning of the building. They denied the charge. At the conclusion of the preliminary hearing, the judge wryly remarked, "At this point I don't know what my decision will be, but it seems that the tavern owner believes in the power of prayer and these church people don't."
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A crew of highway maintenance workers was sent to repair some road signs that vandals had knocked down in a forested area. The first one they put back up was a symbol warning of a deer crossing. As they moved down the road to repair the next sign, one crew member looked back and spotted a deer running across the highway. Turning to a co-worker he said, "I wonder how long he's been waiting to cross?" ___________________________________________________ Daily tip from Look For Phone Networks That Allow Free Calling Before purchasing or renewing your cell phone plans, ask around and find out what your friends and family are using. Some cell phone carriers allow you call people on their network for free, which can dramatically reduce the number of minutes you need each month. ____________________________________________________
Breathtaking bridge just opened in Vietnam, and It's like a scene right out of Lord Of The Rings.
___________________________________________________ I went to a medical clinic for an electrocardiogram. While the technician was lining up her machine, I told her I have dextrocardia. "What's that?" she asked. "It means my heart is on the right side of my chest rather than on the left," I answered. "You should set up your machine to accommodate that." As she attached the wires, she asked casually, "Tell me, have you had that for long?" ___________________________________________________ A doctor told Mrs. Stone to give her husband one pill a day and one drink of whiskey to improve his stamina. A month later, when Mrs. Stone came in for another visit, the doctor asked, "How are we doing with the pill and the whiskey?" Mrs. Stone answered, "Well, he's a little behind with the pills, but he's about six months ahead with the whiskey." ___________________________________________________
Ophelia Dingbatter's NewsNo sermon and not suitable for church, just jokes and fun for grownups. Read it on-line or subscribe. If you subscribe, look for the double opt-in confirmation request.
Darryl and Harold were in a mental institution. The place had an unusual annual contest, picking two of the best patients and giving them two questions. If they got them correct, they were deemed cured and free to go. Darryl was called into the doctor s office first and asked if he understood that he'd be free if he answered the questions correctly. Darryl said "Yes" and the doctor proceeded. "Darryl, what would happen if I poked out one of your eyes?" Darryl said, "I'd be half blind." "That's correct. What if I poked out both eyes?" "I d be completely blind." The doctor stood up, shook Darryl s hand, and told him he was free to go. On Darryl's way out, as the doctor filled out the paperwork, Darryl mentioned the exam to Harold, who was seated in the waiting room. He told him what questions were going to be asked and gave him the answers. So Harold went into the doctor's office when he was called. The doctor went thru the formalities and then asked, "What would happen if I cut off one of your ears?" Remembering what Darryl had told him, he answered, "I'd be half blind." The doctor looked a little puzzled, but went on. "What if I cut off the other ear?" "I'd be completely blind," Harold answered." "Harold, can you explain how you'd be blind?" "My hat would fall down over my eyes." ___________________________________________________

Today February 22 in
1630 Quadequine introduced popcorn to English colonists at their
first Thanksgiving dinner. 

1784 "Empress of China", a U.S. merchant ship, left New York City
for the Far East. 

1819 Spain ceded Florida to the United States. 

1855 The U.S. Congress voted to appropriate $200,000 for
continuance of the work on the Washington Monument. The next
morning the resolution was tabled and it would be 21 years before
the Congress would vote on funds again. Work was continued by
Know-Nothing Party in charge of the project. 

1859 U.S. President Buchanan approved the Act of February 22,
1859, which incorporated the Washington National Monument Society
"for the purpose of completing the erection now in progress of a
great National Monument to the memory of Washington at the seat
of the Federal Government." 

1865 In the U.S., Tennessee adopted a new constitution that
abolished slavery. 

1879 In Utica, NY, Frank W. Woolworth opened his first 5 and 10-
cent store. 

1885 The Washington Monument was officially dedicated in
Washington, DC. It opened to the public in 1889. 

1920 The first dog race track to use an imitation rabbit opened
in Emeryville, CA. 

1923 The first successful chinchilla farm opened in Los Angeles,
CA. It was the first farm of its kind in the U.S. 

1924 U.S. President Calvin Coolidge delivered the first
presidential radio broadcast from the White House. 

1973 The U.S. and Communist China agreed to establish liaison

1984 The U.S. Census Bureau statistics showed that the state of
Alaska was the fastest growing state of the decade with an
increase in population of 19.2 percent. 

1994 The U.S. Justice Department charged Aldrich Ames and his
wife with selling national secrets to the Soviet Union. Ames was
later convicted to life in prison. Ames' wife received a 5-year
prison term. 

1997 Scottish scientist Ian Wilmut and colleagues announced that
an adult sheep had been successfully cloned. Dolly was actually
born on July 5, 1996. Dolly was the first mammal to have been
successfully cloned from an adult cell. 

2002 In the Philippines, An MH-47E Chinook helicopter crashed
into the ocean. All 10 men aboard were killed. 

2010 A copy of "Action Comics #1" sold at auction for $1 million.
The comic featured the introduction of Superman. 

2010 Walmart announced it was acquiring the video streaming
company Vudu, Inc. 

2019  smiled.
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Well, , that's all for today.

Have FUN !
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